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What New Features Will Arrive In Android 12?

We will most likely see the first Android 12 public beta in May at Google IO. This is the earliest version planned for basic customers, and much of the brand-new features might first emerge here. When it comes to the completed variation of Android 12, it will likely land in September based on recent leaks. Probably Android 12 will first arrive on Google phones, including the Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a, together with the brand-new Google Pixel 6, assuming it launches later this year.

Interestingly, Google noted a few of the features of the Android 12 designer beta itself. A few of those features include more effective video and image compression to conserve your data, more accessible copy and pasting, improved audio features, better assistance for tablets, foldable phones, and TVs. Others include modifications to gesture navigation, a revamped notification menu, and to automatically silent notifications.

Customisation and Security Updates

With Android 12, users can adjust color reductions according to their preferences, which will reduce on-screen contrast. One can also shrink app icons to add more to the home screen. New security modifications let you obstruct apps from using your electronic camera and microphone easily. If an app is accessing the mic or camera from the background or when the phone is in standby mode, it will display an led indicator on the top right corner notifying the user.

Updated WiFi Features

You can now send WiFi passwords to nearby phones through a QR code. Just let your friends scan the WiFi code through your WiFi settings, and it will be connected automatically. This way, you won’t have to give out your WiFi password to anyone. Though this feature is already available on MIUI phones, Android 12 seems a bit late to the game.

Android Runtime Updates

XDA Developers found that Google plans to make Android Runtime (ART) a Mainline module in Android 12. This would allow Google to deliver more OS updates through the Play Store, rather than sending them out as conventional over-the-air updates. This might imply more regular updates and significantly could mean that you won’t have to wait on your phone manufacturer to push the upgrade to you.

Updated Power Management

Another exciting discovery is that Android 12 could have a function that ‘hibernates’ apps that are open but not currently in usage, making them less power-intensive for the phone. Some custom Android ROMs currently use this function; however, stock Android does not.

UI customisation

One final report is that Android 12 could have a brand-new coloring system that affects native and third-party apps. This would let you choose one primary color and an accent color, and all apps and menus would utilize these as the design, to let you customize the handset to your taste.

Android never actually had a real visual overhaul in a long time, not since Material Style landed in 2014. Now, it’s a good look, and you could argue that perhaps Google should not change things simply for the sake of it. But refreshing things up with some new design language might make the following variation of Android a whole lot more interesting.

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